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The Q&A of second-hand bags on auctions

On the homepage of our website, there are previous auction products and auction prices that can be previewed for free, and can be seen by both registered and non-registered users. As long as you register, you can participate in the auction immediately. There are a total of 40,000+ pieces of goods on the venues every week, not only basic used models, but also many rare boutiques in each issue.

Features of the Japan brand auction website (https://brandauctionjp.com/).

No membership required to view auction items.

There is no membership fee, registration is a membership. You can view the current auction items and the commodity prices of past auctions at any time, so that you can understand the market price, accurately locate the commodity price and adjust your budget.

Self-help Q&A.

The difference between the three venues.

We have three auction venues every week, Low price venue, Brand auction venue and JBA venue. The auction time of the Low price venue is from every Friday to the next Monday at 17:00. The Brand auction venue is from Friday to next Tuesday at 10 o’clock. The JBA venue is from Monday to Thursday at 9:00. The above times are based on Japan time.

Brand auction venues and JBA venues can modify or cancel the auction after bidding. The low price venue can only increase the quotation, and cannot cancel or reduce the quotation.

Margin issue.

The deposit or deposit is 40% of the bid price. For example, if you want to bid 1,000 yuan for a product, you need to have at least 400 yuan in the balance in your wallet as a deposit. The deposit is automatically refunded to your wallet after the auction venue you participated in, so that you can pay for your order.

payment issue.

The total fee paid is the purchase price of the item plus an 18% handling fee (15% handling fee for premium members), with a minimum handling fee of 600 yen. If the auction is unsuccessful, no handling fee will be charged.

Payment method issues.

Support Alipay (Alipay HK), bank transfer, and visa, master international credit card payment.

Shipping and shipping issues.

Shipping has Japan Post EMS and DHL to choose from. Shipping costs are determined by the size and weight of the shipment. Generally, the EMS fee for 2 kg of goods is about 3,000 yen. Shipping time is approximately 7-15 business days (including shipping within Japan).

We support combined shipping, we can save your goods for one month free of charge, during this time you can choose to combine multiple orders from multiple auction venues and ship them to save your shipping costs.

Buyers are responsible for any duties and taxes.

Auction successful payment problem.

If the auction fails, the deposit will be returned to your wallet without any fees.

If the auction is successful, you need to pay the full amount within 5 days. If the deadline is exceeded, no payment will be made. You will not get the winning item and we will deduct 40% deposit from your wallet.

Therefore, if you want to withdraw cash from your wallet, you need to pay the balance of the unpaid order before you can withdraw.

Authenticity guarantee issue.

If you have doubts about the authenticity of the items you received, please contact us within 3 days of receiving the items, and make sure that the packaging, tags, and accessories of the items you receive are complete and complete, and have not been reused or damaged. The appraisal opinions you provide are fed back to Japan Auctions for negotiation. If it is indeed a non-genuine product, the auction will process the return for a refund.

In Japan, it is a very serious act to sell counterfeit goods and will bear criminal responsibility.

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