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Place bids guidelines

  1. When does the bidding starts:
    Low Price Auction / Value Price Auction list is updated on Thursday and the bidding starts on Friday midnight and you can place bids till Monday and it ends at 5.00pm.
    There will be different extended bid deadline change for each period at 5.00pm, 5.20pm and 5.40pm.
    *5.00PM bid ends for Accessories, Watch, Jewelries, Apparels and Others
    *5.20pm and 5.40pm bid ends for Bags, once the bags bidding time have endded you will see note in bid page “auction cannot be done”.
    Low Price auction is an open auction that you can see the current price and if you are overbided or you are the top bidder in the bids column.
    (Last Minute Sell-Through)
    For items which have not reach the reserved selling price and was not successfully sold in the auction, the seller will have an option (quick selling products method) to sell to whom the highest bids placed by the buyer. The items will be considered sold to the buyer without the buyer’s consent by 10:00pm and the results will be shown in the bid list on the same auction closing date.
    Brand Auction list is updated on Thursday and the bidding starts on Friday midnight and bids will be closed at 10.00am Tuesday, the whole auction ends on Tuesday 7.30pm.
    JBA auction list will be updated on Monday and bids will be closed at 9.00am Thursday, the whole auction ends on Thursday 5.00pm.
    JBA Auction Watches and Jewelry will be open for bidding from Friday 00:00am midnight  until Monday 9.00a.m. and the auction will end at 5.00p.m.
  2. Place bids on the items that you want.
  3. Regular Dealer: Bids will be validated once 40% of the pre-bid amount is made, the amount will be locked and released to your wallet after the auction is over.
  4. (For Premium Dealer, please refer to “Terms and Conditions”.)

*When Auction have ended:

  1. Check your bid status in “Bid” list in the (left bar on mobile) (top bar on computer).
  2. Wait till the auction is over and you will see the bid results.
  3. If you have won a bid then it will be highlighted in green and written “Won”.
  4. After the auction have ended, Invoice will be auto generated by the system or you may go to My Account then statement and generate your invoice after 8:30pm Japan time.
    (note: Low Price and Brand Auction is a tie up auction, once Low Price Auction has ended and you will have to wait for Brand Auction to end on the following day.)
  5. After that you will have to go to My Account then Orders and then select ship, shipping method.
  6. After selecting shipping method only then you can select payment method.
  7. After full payment is acknowledged then it will be shipped.
  8. For Wallet payment, Please make sure that you have sufficient amount in your wallet then only Wallet will show in the payment mode.
  9. Wallet can be top up from Checkout from cart, choose payment method from cart.

Brand Auction / JBA auction :

  1. Place your bids and you can always modify your bids to a higher or lower amount or even cancel the bid before the auction ends.
  2. This is a close auction all bids are kept anonymous.
  3. You can check your bid status and bid price but not the highest or current price.
  4. The auction will be running on the day and you can find the results once the item have been auctioned.
  5. You can find your successful bids in the bid list highlighted and status changed to “Won” with the result price.

Low Price Auction :

  1. Bid is confirmed and can no longer be cancelled.
  2. You can always Top up your bids but not lower your bids because it is running on real time.
  3. You can always check your bid status in “Bid” list to see if you are Overbidded or Top.
  4. Wait till the auction ends and you will see your won bids “Won”

You may notice the items will be won by the highest bidder but not needing to pay at the highest price.

You may have a look at the below circumstances.

When placing bids and final bid price:

The Brand Auction, JBA and Low Price Auction system in Japan is slightly different from regular auction which the price will be listed out and all dealers can see the bid price placed by others and the price will increase a lot in the last minute.

In this platform all dealers are kept anonymous and bids will not be reviewed, you may Place your determine bid price anytime once the Auction list is posted.

For example:

Dealer A place bid: ¥80,000

Dealer B place bid: ¥78,000

Dealer C place bid: ¥72,000

As usual the highest bidder will win the the item and the bid will be won by dealer A but it may be won in between the price of ¥78,000 – ¥80,000, however if there is no other live bidder who out bid the dealer B or A.

The results will be reflected in the column where you place your bids. The other items will be updated with results once the auction has ended.

In the event of a bid entered is SUCCESSFUL, a percentage of auction fees will be added to the final sale price.

“buyers commission is referred as Auction Fees”

  1. When a ‘Bid’ is validated
  • Brand Auction / JBA auction : You can always modify your bids to a higher or lower amount or even cancel the bid before the auction ends.
  • Low Price Auction : Bid can no longer be cancelled. However, you can always Top up your bids.

You are most welcome to resell or sell with us.

Low Price Auction and Brand Auction

  1. Low Price and Brand Auction is a tie up auction, once Low Price Auction has ended and you will have to wait for Brand Auction to end on the following day.
  2. Once the both auction have ended then you can generate your statement or it will be auto generated in your account.
  3. Once statement is generated, your lock amount for pre- bid will be released back to your wallet.
  4. If you have winnings from the auction then the invoice will be generated and you can make payment directly in the invoice or you can make payment from “Order” which you can see all your invoices.

JBA Auction

  1. JBA Auction will end on Thursday and once the auction has ended you may generate your invoice or it will be auto generated in your account.
  2. Once Invoice is generated from “Statement” in “My Account” then you lock pre-bid amount will be release back to your wallet.
  3. If you have winnings from the auction then you can make payment directly in the invoice or from “Order” which you can see all your invoice in there.

Withdrawal from Wallet

You can click on Wallet Withdrawal in your wallet to withdraw your money back to your origin payment method.
Please take note : it will take a few working days for the withdrawal to reflect into your origin transaction method.
Payment gateway will have a minimal charge of approximately 4% on the transaction.

  1. Shipping fees will be generated upon generating invoice. It will be auto-calculated by the postal company. You will need to select your default shipping options and postal address.
  2. Once Orders have been generated then you will have to select postal method upon making payment. After the postal method have been selected then the postal fees will be included to the invoice.
    1. JP Post / DHL , We ship worldwide and you have selection of JP Post or DHL for local and International courier services.
    2. Select Merge Postage to put the orders pending for courier and will wait for the next order, when you are ready to courier all the accumulated parcels then select postal method “JP Post or DHL” in the latest order, then the previous postal fees will be accumulated and charge to the latest invoice.
    1. Please be noted, if there is any change of address in the merge orders, our shipper will only follow the latest shipping address listed in the order for that shipment.
  1. Once the parcel have been collected by the postal company then the tracking number will be updated to your account orders.
  2. We ship worldwide with the options of JP Post or DHL, we are not responsible for any duties and tax in buyers countries.
  3. Please check your duties and tax.
  1. Once Buyer have made their payment then the Item will be verified and authenticated, after that it will be packed from the warehouse in the process of approximately 3 to 5 business days.
  2. The shipping will most likely to reach the Buyers’ designated location in 7-15 business days. The majority are completed in a shorter time frame.
  3. Once the package been collected by the courier company then the tracking number will be updated in your account on the platform.


  1. 投标开始时间。











  1. 在出价列表中查询您当前的出价情况。
  2. 拍卖结束后,可以查看中标情况,如果您中标了,将会用绿色的字体提示您中标。
  3. 竞拍结束后,将会自动生成面单,您可以于东京时间当晚20:30(北京时间19:30)在您的账号中查看。(低价拍卖的面单需在第二天的品牌拍卖结束以后查询)
  4. 竞拍成功后,请在“我的账户”选择送货方式。
  5. 在选择送货方式后,选择付款方式
  6. 确认付款将会发货
  7. 如果通过账户的电子钱包支付,请事先确认电子钱包余额,余额充足情况下才会显示电子钱包支付。
  8. 电子钱包可以在购物车中充值。





  1. 在出价后,您可以随时修改竞标金额或者取消竞标。
  2. 品牌拍卖和JBA拍卖是封闭式拍卖,所有用户的竞标价都是保密的。
  3. 您可以查看您自己投标价和投标状态,但是不能查询当前的最高价格。
  4. 当天的拍卖活动结束后,您可以在账户中查看结果



  1. 投标一经确认,不能取消或者减少当前报价,可以提高当前报价。
  2. 可以在出价列表中查看当前的出价状态,以及当前实际最高竞标价。
  3. 拍卖结束后,可以通过网站查询中标情况。


由于Brand Action,JBA和Low Price Auction系统与普通的拍卖网站相比,所有用户的出价都是不公开的,并且出价不会被审核,所以您可以根据自己的需求出价。













  1. 运费会在面单生成时自动生成,您需要选择默认邮寄方式以及输入邮寄地址。
  2. 生成订单后,需要您选择邮寄方式,选择邮寄方式后邮费将包含在面单中。
  3. 邮寄方式为日本邮政或者DHL。
  4. 商品在过海关时发生的关税由用户自行负担。

您也可以通过merge postage将所有的订单合并后集中发货。邮寄费用将累计到新订单内并且邮寄至最新的发货地址。



  1. 确认买家付款后,商品将在3-5个工作日内在仓库打包。
  2. 发货后将在7-15天内送达用户指定地址。由于新冠疫情,邮寄时间或许会延长。
  3. 快递单号将在平台账号内更新。

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