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Luxury Brands, Bags, Watches, Jewelry, Japan Auction Direct Purchase


We are a Japanese brand auction trading platform company, providing enterprises or dealers with trading platform services for new and used goods of luxury brands.

In order to enable more luxury brand operators to obtain the supply at a lower price, we provide you with a wider variety of luxury brand product resources, and can also help you promote product sales. (We guarantee your product will be sold under applicable terms and conditions)

We provide dealers with an auction transaction service for the “buy and sell” of luxury brand items including new and used watches, jewelry and bags, and strive to provide the lowest prices on the market to benefit all dealers.

As an agent for various auction houses in Japan, there are basically thousands of items listed on our website every week, and customers can view the listings of these items and bid on them through our platform www.brandauctionjp.com.

Our goal is to do our best to provide timely, accurate and efficient service to our customers. If you want to cooperate with us or need more luxury brand products, please feel free to contact us for further instructions and details.

Thank you for browsing and look forward to hearing from you.

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