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Knowledge of second-hand and vintage items

In the past, medieval and Vintage items were only the fashion hobbies of a small number of people, but since the rise of retro style in the past two years, now a lot of fashionable actress models are keen to wear medieval items, and big brands have launched reissues of classic bags. Only gradually did I realize that the once niche vintage has become a trend.

Today, I will share some knowledge about medieval items. If you are also curious and interested in these exquisite old items, and want to know which ones are worth buying, keep reading!
Most people easily confuse second-hand and vintage. In fact, the relationship between the three is expressed in terms of second-hand > middle age > vintage
Second-hand: As long as the used product can be called a second-hand item, the second-hand includes the medieval and Vintage, but not all second-hand items can be called Vintage.
Medieval: This word comes from the Japanese word ちゅうこ, which means second-hand, but in Japan, where the market for medieval items is huge, middle-age refers more to second-hand luxury goods.
Vintage: It refers to products with a history of not less than 20 years since its birth. The main value is reflected in the brand, designer, special craftsmanship and tailoring details of this Vintage, so Vintage is a rare fashion antique, scarce and unique.

At present, the item that attracts the most attention in the medieval market is still the bag. The price of a used bag is generally determined by its collection value, integrity and popularity.
1. The hidden value:
The collection value has two aspects: one is the classic degree of the bag and the scarcity of the material.
From a superficial understanding, “classic” refers to whether the design of the bag can stand the test of time, and it is versatile enough in which era and which style of clothing is placed.
The deeper meaning of “classic” refers to the historical value of fashion represented by the spread of brand design.

2. Integrity (new and old):

When we are evaluating whether a used bag is valuable, its freshness is definitely the first factor that most people will consider. In Japan, where the market for used items is relatively complete, the used bags sold will be marked with letters after being identified. freshness


3. Popularity:

The reason for the price increase of many brands of old-fashioned bags is nothing more than the brand’s re-engraved models, which have been re-introduced by stars. The prices of the two bags, such as LV Dauphine and Dior saddle bags, have recently risen in the medieval market.

Of course, no matter how the price of the old-fashioned bag increases, the price will be cheaper than the new one. Starting with the old-fashioned bag is a good choice from the perspective of collection value, environmental protection and cost performance.

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