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5 super practical daily maintenance knowledge of leather bags

1. The bag is separated and opened separately

In hot and humid places, if the bags are placed next to each other, the leather of the two bags will stick to each other for a long time, which is very difficult to repair.

Maintenance method: It is recommended to put the bag into a cloth dust bag separately, and try not to use plastic or leather, which will cause the air in the bag to not circulate.

2. Shape protection

When the bag is not on the back, there is nothing to support it and it is easy to dent, which will form folds and become unstable.

Maintenance method: Fill the bag with express plastic film/bubble paper/newspaper, and let the bag bulge and shape can solve this problem.

3. Avoid contact with alcohol

Remember not to spray or wipe the bag with alcohol, which will cause different degrees of discoloration, yellowing, peeling, cortical corrosion and other problems.

Alcohol contains organic solvents, which will destroy and dissolve the patent leather on the surface, and even cause the surface color to discolor seriously!

Lightning protection: The leather of the bag contains protein, and alcohol will make the protein hard.

4. Waterproof and sun protection

Rainwater is acidic, and it will leave marks on leather, especially deerskin, which will cause uneven color after absorbing rainwater;

In addition, the bag is not suitable for exposure to the sun, and it will dry, crack, fade, and harden in strong sunlight.

Maintenance method: It is recommended to wipe the surface water stains with a soft cloth immediately after wetting, and dry in the shade or dry it with a hair dryer in cold air.

5. Wipe the surface regularly

There will be stains on the daily use of the bag, and regular wiping is a better maintenance method.

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