Brand Auction Condition chart

Evaluation point State


– Almost no defects, very clean thrift
– Members like return, and this venue was less products that use
– No problem in terms of features.


– Good condition secondhand goods
– To feel inconspicuous and defect identification.
– No problem in terms of features.


Second-hand goods standard
– To standard use and defect identification.
– Extent and nondescript moderate defects will be
– No major problems in terms of features.


Felt conspicuous use of second-hand goods
– One can see noticeable defects and stains
– Found some problems in terms of features.
– If you need repair.


One can see very noticeable defects and stains
– Use a strong feeling.
What is the problem in terms of features seen
– Clearly need repair.

The actual inspection, Interior, exterior, features about them comprehensively, we evaluate each A written evaluation is above score.
* May be omitted for appropriate evaluation points determined defects.
Reasonable defects in the evaluation points were omitted may become a disclaimer.
About D evaluation products ineligible claims and principles.
However, you may accept the claim only if the company admitted. ( Further information see 16. Claims correspondence standards ‘ reference )
* Commercial materials data given N evaluation in the past will be integrated into the S assessment.

[And in the exterior evaluation]
Evaluation status
S and almost no defect state clean
1 – State to feel inconspicuous and defect identification
2 – Ready for standard use, defect check
3 – State can be highly visible use, defect check

JBA evaluation condition chart is according to the ascending number:

1 = 10% new, very worn and clearly needs repair
2 = 20% new, worn condition and clearly needs repair
3 = 30% new, worn condition and clearly there is defects
4 = 40% new, used condition and clearly there is defects
5 = 50% new, used condition with defects
6 = 60% new, used condition with little defects
7 = 70% new, used condition
8 = 80% new, good condition
9 = 90% new, mint condition