Condition and Grading Chart

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation point State


No defects identified, very clean thrift
Unused products as New
No problem in terms of features.


Good condition second hand goods
There is no Defects Identified
No problem in terms of features.


Second-hand goods standard
Product seldom use
There is only mild or slight defects identified
Can be identified as used products in terms of features.


Defects and Stains can be noticed
Moderate defects are noticeable
Can be identified as used products with defects in terms of features.


One can see very noticeable defects and stains
Clearly there is defects and etc
What is the problem in terms of features seen
Clearly need repair.

Evaluation status (interior / Exterior)

S Like new and almost no defect and in clean state


Still in excellent condition and may not have defect identified


Ready for standard use, defect check


State can be highly visible use, defect check

Evaluation and  inspection of the Interior, exterior, features comprehensively according to the above description.
* Items may be omitted for appropriate evaluation points determined defects.
Reasonable defects in the evaluation points were omitted may become a disclaimer.
However “D” evaluation products is ineligible claims and principles.